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For NERCL rules and scoring click here.






Please note that ALL competitors in our league are required to adhere to Junior Gearing Restrictions. In a nutshell, measure out 26' on the ground; put the bike in its hardest gear; spin the crank so the arms are vertical; walk the bike backwards.... the crank arm should NOT rotate more than one complete revolution (i.e. one complete pedal revolution should not push the bike further than 26').

The best gear combinations to use are 52 chain ring/14 smallest cassette cog, or 45 chain ring/12 smallest cassette cog.

Others can work but are smaller gears (spin out more quickly).

If the bike doesn't pass, you may also block out gears with the limit screw on the rear derailleur such that the rider doesn't have access to a gear that is too big.


More information on Junior Gearing click here



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