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  • An Authorized School Representative MUST register each team

  • ONLY AFTER the school team has been successfully registered may parents/guardians register individual riders.  When registering their children parents/guardians MUST select the childs school team from the drop down list, and then the parent/guardian MUST ELECTRONICALLY EXECUTE THE ON_LINE WAIVER.

To help defray the cost of race timing, bib numbers and end of season awards, the cost is $400 per school, PLUS $25 per athlete participating in the League. Thus, for a team with 8 athletes, the registration fee will be $600 for the 2023 season.



Coaches must first register their school, enter coaches info and pay the $200 per team fee plus $10 per athlete (number of athletes will need to be specified at the time of team registration).


If a coach uses a personal BikeReg account, make sure it is associated to the SCHOOL NAME.  Coaches may need to create a new BikeReg account under the school name to ensure athletes are presented with the correct choice when they register.


Following team registration PARENTS/GUARDIANS must register their child(ren) under the appropriate category.  They will have to select their school, enter their name, and parents must electronically sign the waiver. 








LEAGUE DUES MUST BE PAID BEFORE A TEAM WILL BE ALLOWED TO RACE (this is to prevent racers from showing up without coaches and racing without supervision)

ABSOLUTELY NO DAY-OF ADDITIONS.  All riders must have registered on BikeReg and had their parents sign the electronic waiver. This is the only way we can be sure waivers have been signed.



The NERCL is open to school team registrants only, meaning all riders must take part under a school racing team competing under the guidance of an adult coach (who can be a parent of a rider). Any secondary school, whether public or private, is welcome to register for league competition by using this page. The head coach of the team (or parent) should enter his or her contact information as part of the registration process. 

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